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  • Love Hearts are a type of confectionery manufactured by Swizzels Matlow in the United Kingdom., Teena Lyons, Times online, 25 May 2008, accessed 3 May 2009 They are hard, fizzy, tablet-shaped sweets in a variety of fruit flavours featuring a short, love-related message on one side of the sweet.


  • A photograph
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  • (picture) visualize: imagine; conceive of; see in one’s mind; “I can’t see him on horseback!”; “I can see what will happen”; “I can see a risk in this strategy”
  • A portrait
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pictures of love hearts

pictures of love hearts – Love Hearts

Love Hearts 35g
Love Hearts 35g
Love Hearts are one of Britain’s most iconic sweets. With their fizzy, fruity taste and short love-related messages, they remain a huge favourite of children and adults alike.
The messages range from the conventional (e.g. Be Mine) to the more unusual (e.g. Funny Face) to the downright bewildering (e.g. Panda), which is undoubtedly part of Love Hearts’ charm. You really do never know what you’re going to get!
The modern packet of Love Hearts can even feature contemporary messages such as E-mail Me, bringing this time honoured sweet into the modern era.

Love Heart Cartoon – Red (Perfect for Valentine's Day Content)

Love Heart Cartoon - Red (Perfect for Valentine's Day Content)
This is just a red cartoon heart pic. This was used in a post to depict the "love" of something. This cartoon of the heart would be awesome to use in a Valentine’s Day article. 🙂

I love YoU

I love YoU
Love isn’t blind,
it just only sees what matters.
Love is a moment that lasts forever…

You will know the real meaning of love

when you fall in love

pictures of love hearts

SWIZZELS MATLOW I Love Mum, Mini Love Heart Rolls 108g / 3.80 oz.
Swizzels Matlow has come up with an imaginative alternative to chocolate this Mother’s Day. The firm has launched an ‘I love mum’ tube of Love Hearts, featuring 22 messages created by Facebook fans. Slogans include ‘1 in a million’ and ‘super mum’. The retro lilac packaging is set to appeal to mums who love nostalgia. The sweets contain no artificial colours and are suitable for vegetarians. Love Hearts currently come in six flavours, each associated with a colour. 1.White (a plain, sherbet-like, slightly tart vanilla flavour) 2.Yellow (a sherbet-like flavour with a distinct sharp lemon aftertaste) 3.Green (a slightly lime flavour with a sherbet-like aftertaste) 4.Orange (a sweet flavour with a slight orange aftertaste) 5.Purple (an unusual, slightly perfumed berry-like flavour with a strong aftertaste) 6.Red (cherry flavour)